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Massapequa community gives warm welcome to family’s newly adopted daughter

Friends offer support to 2-year-old who has a rare form of craniosynostosis


MASSAPEQUA — A Long Island street was lined with toys and signs on Sunday to welcome a newly adopted toddler to the neighborhood.

Amy Galm adopted 2-year-old Lia from a Chinese orphanage after she brought the child to the United States to get treatment for a rare form of craniosynostosis: a condition that prematurely fuses parts of the skull into bone.

“We have all been following Amy's journey with Lia since the beginning," Dawn Boyle Kostakis said.

Lia's surprise homecoming was organized by fellow Massapequa community members who all knew about her story and wanted to help in every way possible.

Amy Galm, who works for a craniosynostosis support organization, didn't have to think twice when the orphanage gave her the opportunity to give Lia a new home.

"I think she's super happy. She loves it here, she loves her family. She loves her brothers. She's very attached and well adjusted," Galm said.

Lia has already undergone two major surgeries in the United States, and Amy says she has another big surgery coming up in the next two weeks but is ready to start her brand new life on Long Island.

"I myself am adopted, and to see what this woman is doing for this child — from a different country — all the hardship she went through to make this happen,” Debbie Viola said.

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