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Mayor promises to replant trees removed from Floral Park neighborhood

The area is known for its large oak trees


FLORAL PARK — A Long Island neighborhood known for its greenery is removing trees on a residential street for a new reconstruction project that is upsetting residents.

Those who live on Locust St, in Floral Park say the area is famous for its oak trees.

“They are 75 to 100-feet tall, they are probably 100-years-old,” Floral Park resident Joan Donnelly said.

Donnelly has lived on Locust St. for almost 30 years. She says many families who live here have roots that go back generations. But now they're seeing a part of their home base being uprooted.

“Because of the roadwork they are doing, 40 to 50 trees will be taken down,” she said.

A letter sent to homeowners made residents aware of the road reconstruction project planned for Locust St., from Floral Parkway to Miller Ave. The letter sent from the mayor states the project is starting with new curbing and driveway aprons.

The trees are located on the village's property. Neighbors say the project seemed abrupt and the village did not give enough notice about the removal to residents.

“We just feel that the community was kept in the dark and a lot of steps were overlooked that could have saved greenery,” Donelly said.

Residents say the project has created dangerous conditions for homeowners and they're also concerned with property values going down.

At a regularly scheduled meeting, the mayor and board of trustees took questions from concerned residents

The mayor says Locust St. is a safety concern for the village, and over the years, the trees have grown out to the streets or over the curbs, creating dangerous roadways.

“One of the things we have to worry about is the safety of everyone here which includes doing this roadway because it’s a hazard,” Floral Park Mayor Dominick A. Longobardi said.

In the letter, the mayor wrote that in the fall new trees will be planted to replace the ones that were removed.

“We will plant your trees, you won't not have trees,” he said.

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