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Merrick doctor awaits verdict in deadly opioid overdose case

Jurors request to view undercover videos of Dr. Michael Belfiore treating patients


CENTRAL ISLIP — Juror deliberations are underway in the trial of Dr. Michael Belfiore who is charged in connection with the oxycodone overdose deaths of two men.

On Wednesday morning, jurors sent a note requesting to view evidence. One of the requested items was an undercover video where Dr. Belfiore refused to prescribe oxycodone to a woman, despite her repeated attempts at trying to get him to do so.

Belfiore's fate is in the hands of a jury at the federal court in Central Islip.

During the trial, evidence presented included hidden camera video of an undercover detective who received a prescription for oxycodone despite, as he testified, giving the doctor 'vague answers." he ultimately got six prescriptions over a period of six months without a legitimate medical purpose in exchange for thousands of dollars, prosecutors said at the time of his arrest.

Belfiore, according to federal officials, perpetuated the spread of opioid addiction.

The Merrick doctor has maintained his innocence.

On Wednesday, jurors requested to look at evidence including an undercover video where Belfiore refuses to write the undercover woman, complaining of back pain, saying at one point that "just to give you oxycodone is stupid," and stressing the need for x-rays so he knows what's going on.

About a half-dozen people attended deliberations at the courthouse with him, awaiting the verdict. Their opinion of Belfiore vastly differs from the feds.

Upon his arrest, U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said, "Dr. Belfiore used his prescription-writing privileges not to help patients as was his duty but to pad his bank account."

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