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Miller Place business delivers Super Bowl dinner to homeless veterans

After they were displaced from the Northport VA Homeless Shelter, a local market makes sure they get a good meal for game night


MILLER PLACE — All across the nation, fans will be eating their favorite foods while watching the Super Bowl. But for some on Long Island, that wouldn't be the case if it wasn't for The Veteran Support Organization.

"Days like today people are so caught up in their own lives, they forget about the ones who don't have what we have," volunteer William Munsorios said.

These volunteers ensure that all homeless veterans have catered meals for every holiday, including Super Bowl Sunday. But after the Northport VA Homeless Shelter closed down last month, these veterans have been dispersed into 11 different shelters throughout Suffolk, making it difficult for volunteers to get food to each location. Tuscany Gourmet Market stepped in to make sure that these meals touched down on every homeless veteran's plate by delivering the food to each location.

"The day of the Super Bowl is supposed to be a day of fun, and displacing them all within the last month, they've felt forgotten, put aside, and not cared about. So we wanted to let them know that we cared and we want them to feel good today,” Tuscany Gourmet Market owner Thomas O'Grady said.

Over 100 veterans will be celebrating with a full stomach thanks to these volunteers.

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