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Family from Coram welcomes 10th child with help of doctor who delivered first 9

Children in the Hernandez family have also arrived at the same hospital


WEST ISLIP — A Coram mother is celebrating the birth of her 10th child, and she couldn't be happier. All of the children were born in the same hospital, and delivered the same doctor.

"I love being a mother. I love the children. It’s just an amazing feeling," says Dawn Hernandez. She enjoys being a mother so much that her and husband Joey decided to have not one, not two, but — count them — 10 children.

After initially deciding not to have any children, Joey Hernandez, who just recently just met his own birth mother, found a true sense of family and little did they know that they would end up with 10.

"People have become our friends on Facebook. They just can't believe it," Joey Hernandez says.

"I think this is all about family, all about love. And I think this family exemplifies all of that. And it’s really a wonderful experience to be involved in this," says Dr. Joseph Livoti.

Dr. Livoti of West Islip has delivered all 10 of the Hernandez children. Including little Savana who was born this past Saturday.

"We're sort of a team. Every outcome has been perfect," Dr. Joseph Livoti.

Dawn Hernandez, a registered nurse and a college professor, gets plenty of help from family members with the children. Are there plans to have more?

"Only time will tell. Whatever God wants for our family," Dawn Hernandez says.

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