Brittany ComakMar 2, 2018, 7:40 pmMar 2, 2018, 8:40 pm

Mother in Long Island develops tracking tool for an ‘extra layer of protection’

After losing her child at a party, creator hopes to offer other parents peace of mind


MANHASSET — A Long Island mother created a kid-tracking app four years ago after she says she lost track of her then-3-year-old daughter at a birthday party. So, Kim Gavin took the experience as motivation and created a small sensor, known as the “Monkey KID Sensor,” which children can wear on their shoes and pairs with a parent's smartphone.

“The party had to stop, and everyone was looking. And it was a very frantic and panicky situation to have that kind of failure — or what felt like failure as a parent. As you could imagine, [it] was a tough pill to swallow,” Gavin said.

In order to use the Monkey KID Sensor, the parent can set a perimeter on their phone between 15-170 feet. If the child starts to stray, it will turn yellow, and then red, keeping track of how much time has elapsed since the child got out of sight. Gavin says it’s able to do this because it is paired through Bluetooth rather than GPS.

"So, for little children who aren't carrying a phone, who can't be tracked, and are walking, it's a really nice extra layer of protection."

Gavin says that her goal for the product is to partner with Disney and have them give it out to families at theme parks. Ultimately, she says she hopes the tool can offer parents a peace of mind.

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