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MS-13 member arrested for murder of Roosevelt teenage

Police: ‘More arrests are coming’


MINEOLA – MS-13 member Jose Lopez of Roosevelt was arrested and charged with second-degree murder on Thursday after being accused of killing 19-year-old Josue Amaya Leonor, 19, who police found buried in a wooded area of the Roosevelt Preserve after following up on a tip on May 30.

Police said Leonor became a target to this violent and notorious street gang after he switched high schools and was posting photos on social media with new friends. Leonor had been missing for about two years and one of 25 murdered on Long Island in the last year.

"They brutally hacked and killed him in the woods there and buried him. Some of them are in custody elsewhere. I can't say where or who they are, but other people are still at large, so we will continue investigating the case and develop evidence against them," Commanding Officer of Nassau Police Department Homicide Squad Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick said

The Nassau County Police Headquarters with the latest.

Authorities said that they learned Lopez had the help of four other MS-13 members and more arrests are coming.

"They were identified by MS-13 as 'chavalo' which means an enemy of them, so now Jose became an enemy of MS-13, so now he's marked for death. So people that were supposed friends lured him to the park and told him they would hang out and smoke marijuana together, but little did he know that there were four people waiting for him with machetes when he got there," Fitzpatrick said. "Any member of MS-13 that is involved in these killings or is associated with them, we aggressively pursue and we're working with our federal partners and we'll leave no resource untouched to bring justice to these families of these brutal attacks."

Residents said they feel sorry for the families of the victims of MS-13 violence.

"I feel sorry for the families. It's just so crazy what's been going on lately. It needs to stop," Mineola resident Michael Straight said.

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