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Nassau County legislator takes plea deal to avoid domestic violence charges

Carrié Solages must complete a 26-week batterers intervention program, drug screening in exchange for reduced charges


HEMPSREAD – Nassau County Legislator Carrié Solages has pleaded guilty to two violations of disorderly conduct, in connection with a domestic incident. As part of the plea agreement, Solages’ criminal charges are reduced and he is mandated to complete a 26-week batterers intervention program and must undergo drug screening.

Last year Solages was charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child, which are misdemeanors, after he allegedly went into a fit of rage “looking for his weed.”

“I want to thank God I want to thank my family I am very glad that the criminal charges were dropped I’m very glad that I’ve been able to maintain I didn't commit any criminal offense,” Solages said.

Solages was re-elected after his arrest and remains a Nassau County legislator.

"Those in elected office should be held to a high standard, and today's admissions by legislator Carrié Solages evidence clear violations of the trust placed in him by the public. Nobody should be victimized by the kind of misconduct to which legislator Solages acknowledged when he pled guilty today,” Nassau County district attorney Madeline Singas said. “This disposition ensures that he will be barred from contact with the victims, and requires him to participate in a comprehensive batterer intervention program and ongoing drug testing. Any violations of the terms of this plea agreement will expose Mr. Solages to a period of incarceration."

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