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Curran brings 35 people with diverse backgrounds to her transition team

The Nassau executive-elect promises to earn Nassau’s trust and to give everyone a seat at the table


MINEOLA — A day after revealing who will be on her transition team, the Nassau County Executive-Elect Laura Curran thanked voters as they came off the train in Mineola on Tuesday night.

“I'm here today to thank the voters of Nassau County for their trust in me to run the county and trust in the government,” said the two-term county legislator.

As the first woman to fill the executive seat in Nassau, Curran says she plans to stop at several other areas to show her gratitude for their votes and to start earning trust.

Long Islanders who voted for her on Nov. 7, and those who didn’t happily shook Curran's hand as they walked onto the platform.

"That's the first time I've ever seen anyone come out and get reaction, that's good, that's good," Mineola resident James McCarey said.

The county executive-elect released her transition team Monday with a promise to stay true to her word, and fight nepotism in Nassau County

“We want to make sure we hire the most qualified people for positions, Democrat, Republicans, non-political people, to make sure we have the best people to manage your money to run the government efficiently, transparently, and ethically,” she said.

Curran is bringing in 35 people for her transition team, including fellow Democrats and several well-known Republicans, including Hempstead Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney.

"I look forward to working with County Executive Curran. I think my role will be focusing on economic development on the South Shore," Sweeney said.

Curran and Sweeney have worked closely together in the past, focusing on Baldwin redevelopment.

The Hempstead councilwoman applauds Curran's bipartisan approach.

"I think she is sending the right message that she is going to be county exec. for all people and many of us will have a say at the table," Sweeney said.

Curran's transition team also includes leaders of religious institutes, philanthropists, and Island Harvest Food Bank CEO Randi Shubin Dresner who she hopes will bring 40 years of experience in the nonprofit world to the table.

"My experience with dealing with poverty, hunger and food insecurity can help Laura moving forward to help the residents of Nassau County," Dresner said.

Vice chairman of the Nassau County Democratic Committee, Thomas Garry, was picked to lead the group.

The list also includes several former aides to Thomas Suozzi, a former county executive.

Members of Curran's campaign team say those listed on the transition team will not be paid.

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