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PD: Police arrest man who stole packages from homes around Nassau County

Peter Lee Dunbar, 24, is accused of thefts in Rockville Centre, Lynbrook, and Malverne


ROCKVILLE CENTRE — Malverne police say they have arrested the man who has been stealing boxes and packages from doorsteps across Nassau County.

Detectives say they were able to arrest 24-year-old Peter Lee Dunbar of Queens following a routine traffic stop in which they noticed that a white van with New York plates was missing its front license plate.

Officers arrested Dunbar at the scene after officers who had conducted the traffic stop on Ocean Avenue began to put two and two together. He and the white Chevy were taken to the Malverne Police Dept. Wednesday morning.

"We realized that the van and the operator fit the descriptions from several larcenies that we've had around Rockville Centre, Malverne, Lynbrook, and surrounding Nassau County," said John Oddo of the Malverne Police Dept.

As a result of the arrest, detectives were able to recover a number of stolen items and close eight cases involving larcenies Rockville Centre, Lynbrook, and Malverne.

Malverne police believe Dunbar is the thief seen on video posing as a delivery man. In the video, the man approaches a home, puts down an empty or partially empty box that is in his hands, and then picks up a legitimate package that had been sitting outside the home. In some instances, the boxes have been filled with old clothes, shoes, or other trash.

Victims like Jennifer Bavaro of Rockville Centre say she is relieved that the man who police believe stole her packages is in custody.

"Looking at a positive coming from it, I know that the community has kind of come together and watched out for their neighbor and making sure the packages get in as quickly as they're delivered," Bavaro said.

At this time, the charges against peter lee Dunbar are not clear. However, what Malverne police will say is he was caught Wednesday with a suspended license.

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