Krista McNallyOct 10, 2017, 12:47 pm

Kids in Merrick get firsthand look at what it takes to be a firefighter

Emergency response demonstration at Chatterton Elementary School is part of National Fire Safety Awareness Week


As part of National Fire Safety Awareness Week, the Merrick Fire Dept. gave students at Chatterton Elementary School on Tuesday a firsthand look at what goes into being a firefighter.

Children got up close to see how to place someone in an ambulance, how different types of equipment are used, and they learned about several different types of emergency response vehicles.

"Fire prevention starts, you know, when they are younger because they will learn, number one, learning how to call 911 and basic fire safety and prevention. So that way, God forbid, there is an emergency in their home or in their apartment, they know how to react and hopefully, keep them safe," said First Assistant Chief of the Merrick Fire Dept. Patrick Gavigan.

"We strongly believe at a young age that children need to be educated so in the event of an emergency they do have the tools and they know what to do," said Principal of Chatterton Elementary School Dana Bermas. He added that students look forward to this event every year and it is a fun way to give some extremely valuable lessons.

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