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NCPD conducting frequent searches of wooded areas believed to be gang hangouts

Officials take proactive approach in fight against gang activity


MASSAPEQUA — Members of the Nassau County Police Department are combing the Massapequa Preserve in search of signs of gang activity and to maintain an omnipresence in areas where they suspect gang members congregate.

“We have the recruits doing a line search. Again, we are looking for evidence of barn fires, drug paraphernalia, evidence of any type, of graffiti, that may link this area to any type of hangouts for gangs,” NCPD Detective Lt. Richard Lebrun.

In March, the battered body of a 19-year-old young man was found in the 432-acre preserve. His death, police determined, was tied to MS-13.

On Thursday, more than 10 members of the Nassau County Police Department conducted their search for about three hours but nothing was found.

Officials will be searching other wooded areas throughout Nassau County in the coming weeks and they say residents should not be alarmed if they see them in the area.

“What we are trying to do is make sure the public sees us in the preserves. We are getting a lot of thank you’s from all of the residents that we are here again,” Lebrun said. "We want to give them peace of mind that we are here and if they need us they can call us 24/7.”

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