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First on FiOS1 News: North Merrick Schools unveil new flexible way to learn

Mobile desks, flexible couches become part of educational environment for students


NORTH MERRICK — Students in the third grade in the North Merrick School District are pedaling, rocking, and even bouncing at their desks.

This is the first school year the elementary students are using their new mobile desks. The furniture enables students to move around the classroom and take turns, whether it's standing or pedaling.

North Merrick administrators are testing the pilot program out on the third-graders. They plan on expanding it to kindergarten through sixth grade.

"What we're trying to do is create different learning environments. More student-centered learning environments, where students get to choose where they learn best," says Cynthia Seniuk of North Merrick Schools.

The library at Camp Avenue School has flexible couches to create a comfortable, collective reading environment. In the hallway at Harold D. Fayette Elementary, the sixth grade class is learning using an interactive span board by using a touch screen to write their answers for their assignment.

"I think it's great because a lot of people can go on it. It’s like on a laptop. It's different because it's only one person, but on a span board you can have a couple of fingers on it," says sixth-grader Caitlin Tuttle.

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