Ron LeeOct 12, 2017, 10:44 am

East Williston residents divided on whether or not to fence field near school

Official says district is exploring the idea for the safety and security of school grounds


EAST WILLISTON — During recess at North Side School, one can often find a number of elementary school students on a grassy field, which is part of the playground for the school. The problem is that it's not fenced in and that has administrators worried on several levels about student safety. One concern is unauthorized adults who get onto school grounds.

"Unfortunately, we live in a society today and a world where we just don't know what's going to happen next," says President of the East Williston School Board Mark Kamberg. He says while the district is considering putting a fence around the elementary school, he also wants to clarify any rumors.

"The rumor is that the district committed to putting up a fence. That’s the rumor, okay? There's no truth to that. What the district committed to do is to continue to explore its safe security and safety around its elementary and all of its buildings, of which could include a fence and a variety of other possible additional options," Kamberg says.

While there has been strong opposition from many in the community who do not want to see a fence ruin the look of the school grounds and take away from the neighborhood's charm, one student who graduated from the elementary school and her mother believe a fence might prevent students from getting hit by cars.

"A fence will help prevent like, really, a kid running for a ball and the aides might be yelling at them, but they're not listening," says Indre Nath.

"The aides usually try to stop them, but sometimes they don't stop,” says former student Vana Nath-Mahadeo.

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