Krista McNallyApr 26, 2018, 5:59 pm

Northwell's Center for Aids Research ‘Get’ HIV patients to track their road to recovery

New application helps patients appointments and lab results


MANHASSET — Northwell Health is using new data, technology, and community partnerships to prevent the spread of HIV.

130,000 people in New York State are living with HIV, 6,810 of those people live on Long Island, according to Northwell Health. To combat the spread of HIV Northwell's Center for Aids Research and Treatment is tackling it by targeting prevention and treatment programs, providing patients with an app to track their road to suppressing the virus.

35-year-old Jeffrey Kemp was living with HIV for the last 15 years. As of February, the virus is now suppressed and undetectable. He used the app to help him treat the virus and to get support through a chat in the private app.

"It lets you know you next doctor’s appointment, your lab results, you can see if you missed a dose," said Jeffrey Kemp.

Another key aspect of stopping the spread is community engagement because there are certain communities that are more susceptible to HIV, like low-income areas.

"HIV is opportunistic and taking advantage of areas where care is less," Dr. Joseph McGowan said.

The center for aids research and treatment is sending representatives and people who have a voice in the community to the hotspot areas to educate people and encourage them to get tested.

For Kemp, programs like this get rid of the stigma that goes along with having HIV.

"I am looking at all these hot maps and things and everything is pointing to an African American male and it kind of hurts my heart,” Kemp said.

Kemp says he plans to spread awareness to help the cause.

"I am making sure I go into these hot zones that I live in and tell these people that there is more to what we are doing then what we are doing," he said.

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