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Nurse technicians head to Haiti to provide medical care, supplies

Long Island business donates over $2K worth of necessities to storm-ravaged island


HUNTINGTON — On Friday morning, 19 Haitian nurse technicians will embark on a journey to the town of Aquin in Haiti, where they will meet nine doctors to collaborate for a 3-day health clinic.

President of Yam Community Resource, Janet Rose, tells me the need for basic necessities is constant due to the constant natural disasters.

"Mother Nature punishes us all year round, and every year, we have the earthquake, followed by storms, and another storm," Rose said.

This is the second year the team of nurse technicians will be traveling to Aquin. Rose says last year they saw more than 1,000 people over three days, and this year they will be armed with supplies from Value Drugs in Huntington.

"They told us that people were suffering and that they're not getting basic medical needs down there. And we thought, what a wonderful opportunity it would be for Value Drugs to be able to help out," Value Drugs owner Peter Pastorelli said.

Yam Community Resource is a non-profit organization focused on helping the underserved in the Haitian community on Long Island. Councilwoman Joan Cergol talked about the importance of the group's work and of helping other nations.

"When you're helping Haiti, you're also showing support to our Haitian community, and that is another message that Councilman Cuthbertson and I want to make sure is sent to the whole community," Councilwoman Joan Cergol said.

Cergol and fellow Councilman Mark Cuthbertson were instrumental in reaching out to Value Drugs to donate $2,500 worth of medical supplies to the storm-ravaged country. Cuthbertson himself reportedly staged an "eat in" at a Haitian restaurant in Huntington a month ago to show his support for the community after President Trump's alleged disparaging remarks about the country.

"So, by going to the town, this is adding value by helping people, helping children. So, we are finding a way to assist the community just as we're being supported here," Rose said.

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