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New York Open discusses bringing event to new Nassau Coliseum

Tennis tournament comes to recently-renovated arena after being held in Tennessee for the last 41 years


UNIONDALE — Tennis courts have replaced the hockey ice inside the new Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum for the New York Open.

The tournament was formerly the Memphis Open and was held in Tennessee for the last 41 years. Organizers say it's now on Long Island instead because of everything the arena has to offer.

"When we had the opportunity to come here to New York, I mean there's nothing bigger than New York, obviously,” said Executive VP & Tour Director Josh Ripple. “And when you have a venue like this at NYCB Live, you're going from a 2,500 or a 3,000-seat maximum in Memphis to almost 12,000 seats here. So, it just gives you tremendous opportunity on every level."

Ripple says their company, JF Sports, is based in Brooklyn, so bringing the tour to New York had always been an idea. They are also ensuring that it's there to stay.

"We are not a one-and-done group at all. So, I see 10 years of great growth here," Ripple said.

With a new venue, organizers wanted everything about the tournament to stand out from the rest.

"It's always great when you have a new event because you sort of have a clean canvas. And one of the things our team wanted to do was what do we do that'll be unique? What will be cool to talk about? What will be cool for the players and for the fans?" Ripple said.

That's when the company decided to not only make this week-long tournament the only ATP tour that is held indoors, but also the first with black courts in the brand new arena.

Tournament organizers say they hope many Long Islanders will be coming to the Nassau Coliseum for the New York Open for years to come. And not just for tennis fans.

They hope to make this an all-around social event for all Long Islanders.

"But over time we will see the nice tennis base, be complemented and hopefully, really exceeded by just the live entertainment fan that wants to come out and have a great entertainment night, great value for their money," Ripple said.

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