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Officials: Vehicle attack ‘incredibly difficult to prevent’

Police advising truck rental companies on safety procedures in wake of NYC terror attack


FARMINGDALE —Long Island truck rental companies are going over their security procedures after a suspected terrorist used a rental truck to kill eight people and injure several others in Manhattan on Tuesday.

Police say the Sayfullo Saipov rented a truck from a Home Depot in New Jersey to commit the crime, driving the vehicle down a bike lane on Manhattan's west side.

Mitchell Blane, the vice-president of Hub Truck Rental and Leasing in Farmingdale, says they do background checks to make sure renters have clean driving records.

"We also do not rent to the public. Someone can't come off the street and say, ‘I need to move my furniture.’ You have to be a commercial company with a DOT number," Blane said during a phone interview.

Blane says his company works with law enforcement to make sure their safety policies are the best they can be. Though he didn't go into specifics about their security, he says Hub Truck is taking a second look at its procedures.

"Already been spoken about this morning, we're going to try. We do have a lot of confidence in our current procedures, but we're going to look at them again, tweak them and we've already started to reinforce it with all our branches," Blane said.

Local police departments like Suffolk are remaining vigilant, working with local businesses as part of their "shield program," a partnership with Long Island businesses designed to help them prepare for the possibility of a terror attack.

"And of course, we've done outreach over time to rental truck companies, rental car companies, to make them aware so that they're less likely to rent vehicles to people who are going to do harm. Now look, this is incredibly difficult to prevent, but we are going to take all appropriate action in Suffolk County," Police Commissioner Tim Sini said.

Home Depot has not said if they plan to review their truck rental policies following the attack, but in a statement, they said, “Right now we're focused on assisting authorities with the investigation."

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