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Parents demand justice after they say 4 girls were groped at Splish Splash

The men suspected in incident were allegedly told to leave water park without police intervention


CALVERTON — The parents of four young girls who say they were sexually assaulted at a Suffolk water park are calling on the district attorney's office to take over the investigation. They claim that police and water park management have not done enough in response to the incident.

All of the mothers, who did not want to be identified, say they feel helpless and angry knowing that the men who allegedly sexually abused their daughters are still at large.

“How does a group of five men physically harass and abuse young girls in a wave pool and nobody notices or intervenes to protect them?" one mother said.

All four of the girls between 11 and 13 years old visited Splish Splash on Aug. 21 as part of a day trip with the Huntington YMCA Summer Day Camp. They claim that about five men began groping them while they were in the wave pool and that the lifeguards didn't see it happen. Parents allege that camp counselors then notified security who caught the men responsible, but escorted them out of the park without immediately calling police or taking any of their personal information.

The parents even referenced another situation in July of 2016 where a New Hyde Park man groped a 14-year-old girl in the very same wave pool. They also claim police are "brushing off" the situation and that detectives are not taking the matter seriously.

The parents are asking for the public's help in identifying the men who did this.

"The safety of the youth we serve is always our highest priority. The YMCA of Long Island remains wholly committed to working with law enforcement and will continue to cooperate throughout the ongoing investigation," the Long Island YMCA said in a statement.

Detective Sgt. Frost of the Riverhead Police Dept. said this is an open, active investigation and that police are looking into all of the evidence that they have.

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