Brittany ComakJan 29, 2018, 12:59 am

Parents of girls murdered by alleged MS-13 gang members invited to State of the Union

President Donald Trump vowed to destroy the violent gang during a speech in Brentwood


BRENTWOOD — It’s been more than a year since Brentwood high schoolers Nisa Mickens and Kayla Cuevas were murdered by alleged MS-13 gang members. President Donald Trump has been a staunch advocate of eradicating gang violence, and now he has invited both the parents of Nisa and Kayla to the State of the Union.

"There's still a focus out here on gang activity - you know the police, homeland security, state troopers, they're all doing a great job. But you've also got to remember that what happened in 2016 is still in our heads, and it wasn't that long ago, what happened, and people do need a slight reminder," Nisa’s father, Rob Mickens said.

Mickens is extremely excited to meet the president, calling it an honor.

"It shows that he is paying attention to the problem that's going on, he is aware of what happened out here in Brentwood in 2016. And also it shows that he has a good heart and tries to show what he wants to do, and how adamant he is about eradicating these ongoing gang issues across the United States," Mickens said.

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