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PD: Man with arsenal of ‘killing machines’ illegally sold weapons out of his home

Larry Guerreri allegedly made sale to undercover officer


HAUPPAUGE — A Patchogue man could face more than 20 years in jail for allegedly selling outlawed weapons from his home.

"We put an end to a recipe for a massacre," Suffolk District Attorney Tim Sini said.

On Thursday, Sini announced the arrest of 65-year-old Larry Guerreri who had in his possession illegal guns, knives, and ammunition.

Guerreri’s alleged illicit transactions were discovered by undercover law enforcement who attempted to buy an illegal AR-15 weapon out of his home, according to Sini. The undercover officer told Guerreri during the transaction that he was prohibited from having a gun, but that didn’t stop the alleged unlicensed gun seller from making a sale.

"So, you have a triple whammy in one transaction: An illegal sale, of an illegal weapon, to a prohibited person," Sini said.

Sini said law enforcement executed a search warrant at the home this month and recovered four assault rifles — three of which are illegal in New York-state — along with 19 rifles and shotguns, 25 handguns, 10 illegal knives, ammunition, and illegal armor piercing bullets.

The arrest comes in the middle of a heated debate throughout the nation on assault rifles and their place in American life.

According to Sini, evidence shows that these “killing machines” would have “flooded the streets of Suffolk County."

"This comes on the heels — obviously — of yet another mass shooting in our country,” Sini said. “We're going to do our part of keeping our streets safe, and part of that is ensuring that we are seizing illegal weapons from our streets and targeting those who are selling illegal weapons to individuals in our county."

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