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PD: ‘Popcorn soaked in liquid cannabis’ recovered in Massapequa drug bust

Police say shop owner also had 265 grams of mushrooms, 140 grams of marijuana


MINEOLA — The owner of a Long Island vape shop was arrested after a traffic stop led police to guns, drugs, and cash.

In addition to the $12,000 in cash, 265 grams of mushrooms, 140 grams of marijuana, 168 vials of THC-concentrated cannabis oil and cannabis edibles — officials say there was popcorn soaked in liquid cannabis.

“This popcorn was soaked in liquid cannabis. This is what your kids are eating in front of you. They're also using these vape pipes to vape in front of you,” acting Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said.

Police recovered some of the evidence from the Jason Depietto’s car, some from his home and some from his vape shop, the Hemp Smarts Holistic Healing Studio.

“This is a large amount. He's in the business of sale. We didn't find any vape pipes in his residence or in his vehicle. He's purely in the business of selling these items to your kids. That's quite a large amount of drugs for a street-level dealer here in Nassau County,” Ryder said.

Officials say the street value of the drugs is over $20,000.

“We will be seizing his vehicle. We also took a bullet-proof vest out of his house. We have a 12-gauge shotgun, the 22 and the Rock River AR-15,” Ryder said.

Police says the defendant does not have a criminal history

“This weapon is not used for hunting. It's used to hurt people. This is the type of weapon that was kept at his house along with the drugs that he had,” Ryder said. `

Depietto is facing charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance and one charge of criminal possession of a weapon.

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