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Nassau police end search for now for Westbury teen at Hempstead Lake State Park

Family members hold on to hope that the 19-year-old is still alive


HEMPSTEAD LAKE STATE PARK — Police waded through murky plant-filled waters at Hempstead Lake State Park Tuesday as the family of missing teen, Louis Germosen, sat nearby at a picnic table, awaiting word.

“I hope I don't find him here,” said Luis Germosen, the teen’s father.

Earlier in the day, with sticks in hand to push away the brush, the family of the missing 19-year-old was searching on their own.

His mother, Marta Flores, last saw the teen on June 28. Police began searching the park when the family received an anonymous text message telling them to search that area.

His father, Luis Germosen, stresses that his son is not a member of a gang.

“There's always the possibility he could be hurt somewhere. It's not always a gang. I know it looks bad when somebody sends a text giving a location,” Luis Germosen said.

The police say their search of the pond here is done for now. State Park Police shut down fields two and three early in the afternoon, telling everyone that they were closing off the area.

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