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Lawmaker pushes for legislation to make dangerous intersection in Levittown safer

Nassau County: There were 39 crashes on Wantagh Avenue and Old Jerusalem Road in 2017


LEVITTOWN — Residents familiar with MacArthur High School are also familiar with the adjacent intersection of Wantagh Avenue and Old Jerusalem Road.

Now the busy intersection is at the center of a major push by Nassau County Leg. John Ferretti to reduce the number of crashes that take place there.

Nassau County says there were 34 crashes at the intersection in 2015. That number dipped to 25 crashes in 2016, but it rose to 39 in 2017.

Leg. Ferretti is hoping to bring those numbers down by writing a letter to Nassau’s Dept. of Public Works urging that a change be made so that drivers can only make a left turn from Wantagh Avenue on a green arrow.

Meantime, FiOS1News has reached out to Nassau’s Public Works Commissioner Kenneth Arnold for his thoughts on suggestions mentioned in Ferretti's letter.

Leg. Ferretti is also calling for a traffic study to be conducted as soon as possible to see if there are any other safety changes that can be made.

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