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Father of teen accused of assaulting officers at Jewish temple: ‘He didn't do any wrong’

Dr. Moshe Weisblum, a rabbi at another place of worship, defends 18-year-old son


HEMPSTEAD — A Plainview teen is facing felony charges after being accused of assaulting police at a temple.

Natan Weisblum, 18, is facing a slew of charges after police say he entered a restricted area on the second floor of Young Israel of Plainview Temple, refused to leave, and then assaulted police officers.

Weisblum allegedly punched one of the responding officers in the face and then continued to act aggressively – biting and kicking the officers, causing bleeding and pain to them.

In court Wednesday, Dr. Moshe Weisblum, who is the defendant’s father and a rabbi at another temple, defended his son.

“He is an innocent wonderful kid. He didn't do any wrong. The rabbi at that temple called me twice to apologize. I understand it was a lack of communication; he's a teenager, normal behavior, they don't know him at that temple, and I accept the apology of the rabbi at that temple and I hope that that case is over,” Dr. Weisblum said.

When asked if the defendant assaulted the officers, his Defense Attorney Nathan DaCorpo replied, “We don't believe that's actually what happened.”

In court, Weisblum's attorney said his client had been attending morning services at the temple, one he's not familiar with. He said he fell asleep and became confused. He also mentioned possible mental health issues.

“He was apparently asleep in the synagogue allegedly, and awakened and, we're not sure. We're still investigating the matter. We're not sure what would cause such an altercation, if any, did occur,” DaCorpo said.

Weisblum's bail was set at several thousand dollars and he walked out late Wednesday morning.

The president of the temple where this incident happened told FiOS1 News that they are confident the Nassau County police are going to handle this properly.

Weisblum pleaded not guilty at his arraignment.

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