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Nassau PD: More than 50 opioid-related arrests in Massapequa over 4 nights

Officers handed out fliers at LIRR station to encourage residents to seek help for those with an addiction


MASSAPEQUA — When flyers are handed out, the first instinct many people have is to take one and then find the nearest garbage can. But because the people handing out flyers Thursday were Nassau county police officers, many commuters at the Long Island Railroad station in Massapequa took notice.

Dozens of officers were strategically placed by all the access points to the station and they were armed with flyers that contained safety tips and background on the topic of substance abuse. Nassau's newly instated Police Commissioner, Patrick Ryder, says their goal was to draw attention to the heroin epidemic in Nassau. Police said there have been over 50 arrests in Massapequa alone related to heroin all in the last four nights.

"We’re not looking to put a knock on Massapequa. What we're looking to do is tell Massapequa, hey we're here to help you,” Ryder said. “Right now, Massapequa is our highest overdoses. We use the new mapping system called OD Map. OD Map has identified Massapequa as the hot spot right now. Next week, we'll be in a new community, and the week after that and the week after that. We're going to keep going into the neighborhoods to try to get them help."

Ryder says the problem with opioids is a major issue across the county with Massapequa currently seeing the highest number of cases and East Meadow at number two.

Commissioner Ryder is encouraging everyone who received the flyers to read them. So that they will be better able to identify signs of a drug problem and help loved ones who need treatment get the help that they need.

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