Brittany ComakMar 6, 2018, 9:58 pmMar 7, 2018, 10:50 am

Red Cross urges Long Islanders to take storm seriously

40 shelters will be available Wednesday across Nassau, Suffolk


LONG ISLAND — As tomorrow's nor'easter comes barreling toward Long Island, the American Red Cross is also preparing their more than 1,000 volunteers to mobilize if necessary to provide food and shelter should people and pets need it tomorrow.

"Typically, with a storm like this, our biggest concern is more along the lines of collateral damage. So, things like, we see a higher incidence of home fires during big storms, things like collapsed roofs, flooding, wind damage, large-scale power outages," American Red Cross CEO Neela Lockel said.

Just last week a powerful nor'easter slammed into Long Island causing widespread outages. In fact, some in Nassau County are still without power. According to the Red Cross, house fires generally increase during storms and natural disasters since people use unconventional but deadly heating sources to stay warm.

The Red Cross will have 40 available shelters across Long Island on Wednesday should people need them.

"This is a time where we're seeing weather that is out of the ordinary and catching us off guard,” Lockel said. “We're no longer at a time or a place where we can say, 'That kind of thing will never happen to me.' We're seeing it happen all over the place, and in really unpredictable types of ways."

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