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Drivers contest multiple fines from red light cameras at intersection in East Norwich

Suffolk legislator calls for forgiveness program after he says he’s received numerous complaints


EAST NORWICH — Red light cameras at the corner of Route 106 and Northern Boulevard where the camera lights have become a problem for motorists. Now, a legislator is calling for the forgiveness of the red light ticket program.

A makeshift, laminated sign warns drivers to make a complete stop at the line before carefully proceeding to make a right on red. Motorists have been ticketed at the intersection because when they are at the line, they do not have clear vision of the oncoming traffic and roll past it.

Leg. Josh Lafazan is the lawmaker calling for a forgiveness program for those who have been fined at this intersection.

"What we have done is we’ve written a letter formally requesting that the county executive office and the Nassau County Traffic and Safety Board issue a forgiveness program," Leg. Lafazan says.

A forgiveness program was done in prior years for the school speed zone camera program.

Leg. Lafazan says people are calling his office with thousands of dollars in tickets from the intersection. One person even had to choose to pay his child’s college tuition or his tickets.

As FiOS1 News covering this story, car horns sounded off towards drivers who were not making the right on red because they had already been ticketed at the intersection many times before.

Another problem Leg. Lafazan says is that people are getting the tickets far too late, and have already accumulated several tickets by the time they are notified about what they have done wrong.

"Nobody should be assessed more than one ticket until they were notified that their driving behavior was an error in the first place," Leg. Lafazan.

Lafazan adds that he has not heard from the county executive’s office yet about his request for forgiveness, but hopes it comes before his constituents have to pay their tickets.

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