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Repairs for leaks caused by tiny pinholes in copper pipes costing Plainview residents thousands

The Plainview Water District says it’s trying to figure out how to help homeowners stop the leaks


PLAINVIEW — Officials are raising the alkalinity of Plainview’s water to help homeowners who are grappling with costly repairs due to pinhole leaks in their copper pipes.

Homeowners Joe and Marsha Elowsky have lived in their Plainview house for 50 years. In June of last year, they started to experience pinhole leaks in their copper pipes that were so severe they had to replace their whole kitchen.

“It started with a leak in the ceiling. Just a few drips, then the whole thing opened up and the ceiling fell in and we discovered it was coming from a pinhole leak in the upstairs bathroom behind the wall, so of course, we never saw it,” Marsha Elowsky said.

Alan Jacoby, a Wantagh insurance adjuster, says this is a growing problem that can cost a homeowner anywhere from $400 to $10,000 to fix.

“What happens usually is the repair itself is not covered by homeowner insurance. The damage caused by the leak is covered by homeowners insurance as well as having a deductible but that is one of the reasons why it is so costly,” Joe Elowsky said.

The Plainview Water District did not pinpoint what exactly is causing the issue, but in a statement, they said that they are attempting to find out how to help homeowners stop the leaks.

"The Plainview Water District is looking for ways to help our customers to mitigate the effects of pinhole leaks in their copper pipes. We have tested the water itself to see if that's part of the problem, and we have decided to raise the alkalinity of the water, in case that is contributing to the problem," the Plainview Water District said.

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