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Representatives Tom Suozzi, Peter King agree that DACA issue must be resolved

Officials answer questions on immigration issues during panel discussion in Plainview


PLAINVIEW — The Mid-Island Jewish Community Center created a public forum for people to hear a bipartisan approach to immigration reform and the current issues surrounding immigration like DACA and temporary protected status for Haitian immigrants Sunday.

Representatives Peter King and Tom Suozzi both spoke on a panel to discuss the issue where the Republican and Democrat agreed that issues like DACA and temporary protected status for Haitian immigrants need to be resolved.

"We need to figure out how to move forward in a reasonable way that takes into account all of the different concerns, to help these people that are suffering under so much anxiety in our country right now," Suozzi said.

Congressman King says, he supports a path to citizenship for those in the country illegally that are upstanding citizens, but that the borders need to be secured first. King quoted Mario Cuomo, calling America a “beautiful mosaic,” that there are so many different cultures and communities in one place, and that we are lucky to have so many in one place, but that we also need to secure our borders.

"The people that come here in the first instance really are the hardest working people. So again, I want it to remain a nation of immigrants but I want it done legally and also want to try to help those who are here right now and stop this problem from getting worse," King said.

Congressman King also added that that being said, he wants to see it resolved as soon as possible.
One woman we spoke with started a club on her college campus for undocumented students and said they just want to see more actually being done.

"We need to see action. And the biggest takeaway is that we're still waiting. So until something can be taken into real action, then we can't rest — we can't be at ease," undocumented student Josselin Paz said.

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