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Residents say kids are scared to go to school after more alleged MS-13 arrests

Reaction in Brentwood comes after police say they prevented a kidnapping and murder by violent gang


BRENTWOOD — Residents are reacting to news of yet another case said to involve the violent street gang MS-13 gang in their neighborhood.

The violent street gang almost struck again as Suffolk County Police announced Thursday that they'd prevented a kidnapping and murder.

“These kids can’t even… they’re scared. They’re constantly looking for other buses to get on. If they don't have a bus, they're a walker. They try to get on their friends bus. They're scared to walk to school. It’s bad,” says resident John Webster Jr.

When asked how many people Webster Jr. knew who died because of gang violence, he had to count. One of those people was his best friend, who was killed years ago. Arrests were made in that case, and they are reportedly linked to MS-13.

John Webster Sr. is a longtime Brentwood resident and father of two whose now-grown children attended Brentwood schools. He too is all too familiar with MS-13.

“What is going on? Why is this still happening? Kids can't even go to school. They're afraid to learn. I've talk to them. I've known them, I see them. I've seen them before when they were living and try to talk to them and see them when they're at their wake at the hands of these MS-13,” Webster Sr. says. He describes the fear in the air for current students.

“A lot of parents are unaware. They're either working, they’re on their own world, trying to make it in society, trying to keep a roof over their head. Or they just really are naive and don't understand why their child is wearing that blue belt, or that red belt,” Webster Sr. says.

Following that recent incident that police said involved alleged members of MS-13, the superintendent in the Brentwood School District put out a message to families. He tells them that the safety of their sons and daughters while in school and traveling to and from school is the district's number one priority. He also adds that the school district will continue to strengthen its relationship with the Suffolk County Police Dept.

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