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Long Islanders say worry of a deadly school shooting is always in mind

Residents react to the tragedy at school in Parkland, Florida


MILLER PLACE — Schools and communities throughout the country are now on high alert a day after the shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead. The tragedy is the 18th school shooting in 2018.

FiOS1 News spoke to residents on Thursday morning and they say school shootings have got to stop, and that they feel fortunate that this hasn't happened closer to home.

“It’s sad because we grew up in a different world where you didn’t need that,” said Miller Place resident Ed Siciliano. “There was no mass shootings or people talk of killing one another. These kids now have to worry about if they’re going to come home at the end of the day. Very, very sad."

“This has gone on and on and on and there’s no resolution. It seems like it’s forgotten right after a few weeks after the horrific event,” said Andrea Stengl.

Shootings like the one in Parkland remind residents in Miller Place recall the fear of something similar in their own community.

"It's on the news and it's in Florida and it's far and it's not here. But when it's in your neighborhood, it helps you to realize more that it could be your baby that's the one that’s a victim of something like this," said Patty Kowslowski.

Long Island has had a few scares in the past involving students planning to attack their local school. The most recent one was back in December in Miller Place in which a student was accused of putting together a hit list that targeted fellow classmates. Authorities were able to stop it before anything took place.

Back in 2010, Authorities said two teenagers were planning to attack Connetquot High School and had even created diagrams of where they intended the plot to take place. The teens were caught when they attempted to buy a shotgun at a local store.

"It's even worse because I know it can happen in school. If it happens anywhere else, it can happen here too," said Miller Place resident Jose Flores.

Although, Long Island hasn't had to experience the devastation that the community in Parkland is experiencing right now, residents say the fear will always be there.

Meanwhile, authorities on the Island have released statements to inform residents that there are no current threats to Long Island. However, they also remind the public that if they see or hear something, to say something.

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