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Football and food: Sports fans, eateries feel excitement as Super Bowl LII nears

FiOS1 News asks sports fans what they’re doing ahead of the big game


FARMINGDALE — Excitement is growing for Long Islanders as Super Bowl LII is right around the corner on Sunday. Whether one decides to watch the game on a big screen at home or go out, the day is about more than tuning in to see who the next Super Bowl champs will be. It's also about the food.

Many businesses, like the Main Event in Farmingdale, are preparing now.

“Super Bowl Sunday really brings out just about everybody and their mother,” said Tina Milteer, a waitress at Main Event. “So, I’m really expecting to see a lot of families, lot of guys, lot of girls, lot of everybody really, just to come out and celebrate the big day."

She also says that they do not only see an increase in delivery orders.

“There's always trays going out of here, either like for jumbo pretzels or for just the wings, the pasta,” Milteer added.

And at the restaurant itself, over 400 reservations have already been made.

“We usually get really busy on Sundays anyway, so I can only imagine what Super Bowl Sunday is going to be," Milteer said.

But no matter which team is playing in the game, it always seems to be a big day.

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