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Suffolk PD: 1 dead after fiery single car crash in Ronkonkoma

Detectives say vehicle went airborne, struck several trees and burst into flames at corner of Edgewood Avenue and Express Drive


RONKONKOMA — Suffolk police are investigating a fiery car crash killed one person on the morning of Fourth of July.

At approximately 3:15 a.m., police received a 911 emergency call to the scene on the corner of Edgewood Avenue and Express Drive, north on the Long Island Expressway.

Investigators confirmed at least one person has died as a result of a one-car crash.

"The vehicle at that point apparently became airborne. It hit several trees on that property, and then landed on an adjacent property after striking a fire hydrant... apparently burst into flames and the vehicle was consumed by the flames. It was eventually extinguished by a responding fire department from Lakeland, Ronkonkoma Fire Department," said Suffolk Fourth Squad Det. Michael Crowley.

Investigators say the vehicle, believed to be a Jeep, was traveling at such a high rate of speed, that some of its parts of the car are scattered along at least 1,000 feet along the road. The occupant of the home rushed out to assist the trapped driver inside of the vehicle, but was hit by debris after the car exploded into flames.

"We believe that she received minor injuries. She was transported to the Stony Brook Hospital for treatment for that injury," Det. Crowley said.

One neighbors said that the tragedy at the corner is no surprise.

"This is something that happens repetitively, most during the winter because it’s such a sharp curve. We've complained to the D.O.T. many, many, many times," said local resident Anthony Dix.

The crash is at least the second confirmed death by vehicular accident so far in Suffolk County to start the Fourth of July holiday.

Police asking anyone with information who witnessed the accident to call Fourth Squad at (631) 854-8452, or call the Suffolk County tips hotline at 1800-222-TIPS.

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