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Rundown Brentwood VFW to receive donated kitchen, but not in time for Veterans Day

After losing state funding, several Suffolk veterans' facilities have fallen into disrepair, shut down


BRENTWOOD — Service members won’t be getting a cooked meal from the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Brentwood this Veterans Day because it’s completely run down.

It’s part of a growing number of Suffolk VFW facilities that have been shut down because they have fallen into disrepair. But one Long Island business owner is trying to reverse the trend by funding repairs for the Brentwood VFW’s kitchen.

“Vets will spend this Veterans Day without a kitchen in this hall. I am going to do something about this,” local business owner, Sean Acosta said.

Sean Acosta is personally donating the funds to fix the kitchen’s leaky sink and get the broken stove up to code.

The VFW halls are much more than just a place for veterans to share a meal, they also serve as a refuge for those who are facing homelessness and mental health issues.

“If you have a veteran who is not acting right, bring them here. If you have someone who is on the street that is begging, bring them here. If you have someone that is going to be radical, you bring them here,” Suffolk County VFW Commander Sabrina Lacy said.

But Suffolk’s VFW problem is part of a greater issue. Many of the facilities have hit hard times since they lost member item funding from the state.

To mitigate the loss, Sen. Phil Boyle is introducing legislation that would allow veteran facilities to be added to the list of entities that can receive state and municipal facilities grants.

“It is really a no-brainer in my book. We talk about how much we honor our veterans; we need to help the veterans take care of themselves,” Sen. Boyle said.

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