Krista McNallyJun 12, 2018, 7:04 pm

Saladino touts tax cut, innovative recycling program in state of the town address

The town supervisor says it’s a ‘new day’ in Oyster Bay


OYSTER BAY — Community members gathered for the State of the Town in Oyster Bay where Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino illustrated what the town had been doing and initiatives they are currently working on.

"We have partnered to remediate the Grumman plume. We are protecting communities from pollution that can be caused by a cross-sound tunnel, and we have the most innovative recycling program anywhere on Long Island," Saladino said.

Some of the initiatives include a $150 million grant from the state to treat the plume and a recycling program where residents can combine their paper, plastic, and glass to make the process easier.

The town supervisor said that in the last two years they have reduced the town debt by $135 million; Oyster Bay has had its first tax cut in more than two decades amounting to $1.3 million. Town full-time employees are down by 20 percent, and as a result, the payroll is down nearly $10 million.

"I didn’t know he achieved that much in 17 months! Oh, my God!" Nassau commissioner David Lee said.

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