Brittany ComakOct 18, 2017, 11:16 am

Sayville HS parent says her daughter’s sports uniform reveals a little too much

School district says athletes choose what they wear, and that uniforms are completely legal


One Sayville High School parent is crying foul over the way her daughter has to dress for the school's cross country team.

It all started with a Facebook post when Karen Gaconnier posted a photo of what she says is similar to the women's uniforms for the cross country track team at the school. In the post she wrote:

"I am uncomfortable having our girls on public display with their butt cheeks exposed in public and having this experience mandatory if you want to play on the team!!"

One junior girl at the school said she agrees that it shows too much skin.

"It seems that it's showing off a little too much because the shorts are short," said 11th grader Zoe Fennell.

But the Sayville School District says the athletes do in fact have a choice in what they wear, and that the uniforms are completely legal. The district said:

"While our athletes are permitted to choose between a running brief or a square bottomed brief, most of our runners prefer the running brief that is used by over half the high schools in Suffolk County. The goal in Sayville School District's athletic program is to empower our student athletes with the confidence they need to do their personal best in their respective sports. Their voice in the choice of uniforms contributes to this confidence."

Another junior said she believes the issue may be too little too late.

"I think if it was an actual issue it would have been brought up earlier because they've had them for years now and the season's already ending, so," said Madison Nolan.

But it would appear parents are still upset over this, with almost 1,200 people signing the petition Garconnier started on, which says she hopes to submit it to the school sports organization, known as Section XI.

According to the petition, it would disallow athletes being able to choose the briefs as an option for their uniform.

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