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Several rescued from boat fire in Port Jefferson Harbor

Fire officials struggled to get flames under control in hot weather


MILLSTONE — An annual Fourth of July party turned deadly when two riders crashed an ATV in the backyard of a home in Millstone.

Early Sunday morning, an ATV better known as "The Gator" crashed in the backyard of 402 Millstone Rd, killing a 22-year-old and critically injuring a 21-year-old.

Police arrived on scene around 2 a.m. along with an ambulance and tow truck. Partygoers tried to give the victims CPO before police arrived.

Neighbors say the Greene's throw a Fourth of July party every year. It was a small gathering of 25 people at first. But as the night went on, more people gathered, causing the party to double in size.

A group of riders ventured away from the party and further into the backyard to take a ride down a hill known as "Greene Mountain" when the homeowner believes the ATV crashed into a tree at around 2:00 a.m. One visitor, Sophia Coccio, said the hosts commonly take precautions to prevent reckless driving.

“Usually they take the keys from the gator when it gets late but, like I said, no one was on it that much today so I figured, ‘Okay, don't take the keys.’”

The homeowner said the victims were friends of her son from college. She believes the 22-year-old that passed away is known as Drew and the victim in critical condition at Capital Health Medical Center is 21-year-old Dylan Kells. She says she is devastated by the accident.

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