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App offers recommendations, discounts at Lynbrook restaurants

A‘Spotluck’ also benefits local eateries by bringing in customers


LYNBROOK — Dining out just became more fun and less expensive. “Spotluck,” a top rated dining app, offers restaurant discounts with a spin.

"You want to go out to eat? Don't know where you want to go? We give our users one spin per day," says “Spotluck” community manager Andrew Massetti. A Lynbrook native, Massetti says users are able to spin a roulette-like wheel once a day.

"You take spin of the wheel and we randomly pick you a local restaurant and then offer you up to 30 percent off to go dine at that restaurant today," Massetti explains.

But what is the benefit to download? The user is offered anywhere from 15 to 35 percent off on participating restaurants. Whenever the user takes the spin, the discount is based off the time of day, weather, and time.

"Say it’s a rainy Tuesday, it’s three o’clock in the afternoon when every restaurant has a table available in that rainy time, we like to get some more eyes on the restaurants during that slow period," Massetti explains.

The service is not only geared towards giving users discounts, but it also brings business to local restaurants. The app only partners with locally-owned businesses.

“What we can do is give them a really smart and efficient way to market, that’s not going to cost too much and then we directly get their brand out,” Massetti says.

Vincent Sorrentino from Angelina’s Pizzeria and Restaurant says if the app helps fill one table, it's paid off. Sorrentino says he appreciates how the app is geared to “shop local.”

“We need people to come back to Lynbrook to shop on Atlantic Avenue and other places,” Sorrentino says.

“Spotluck” launched in 2014 in Maryland, and now partners with 1,500 local restaurants throughout the East Coast.

"After bringing in ‘Spotluck’ to New York City, Brooklyn, Queens and the Manhattan area, we thought it was the likely next move. We’ve got to come in to Long Island," Massetti says.

“Spotluck” first launched on Long Island in Long Beach, where around a dozen eateries are taking part and now Lynbrook, where 10 restaurants offer discounts through the app.

The app is available for both Android and Apple products, and Massetii says they plan on expanding their services throughout Long Island.

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