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State records: 10 registered sex offenders reside in a home in Bellport

Housing situation goes against state rules which dictate to avoid high concentration of offenders in certain communities


BELLPORT — Local residents are alarmed after discovering a house on Walker Avenue is currently the home of 10 registered sex offenders. According to state records, eight of those 10 sex offenders were placed at the residence by the state division of parole, which goes directly against the rules of the state of New York which claims:

"All reasonable efforts should be made to avoid an ill-advised concentration of sex offenders in certain neighborhoods and localities."

The home on 936 Walker Ave. is about half a mile away from a middle school, two miles from an elementary school, and walking distance from a park.

"I didn't know about 10. I know there were only two,” said Ariel Cruz, a mother of two who was in complete shock when she heard who lived in the house right across the street.

“I just don't understand why they would have a house like that in an area like this,” said front door neighbor Timothy Swan. “It's really disturbing to know you know that there's a lot of kids playing on the block every day. So you know, I really don't let my kids outside that much. I try to keep them housed."

"I think, it's something horrible. Like, they're here right in front of kids. Like, that's dangerous, I guess. I'm worried, but it all depends on each family because if it's like my family, when my niece comes over, my family just stays inside," said neighbor Edisson Cardenas.

Swan was even more alarmed upon learning that eight of the 10 men are registered at a level 3-risk level, which under New York State law means they are a threat to public safety and have a high chance of repeating their actions.

"That's bad. So they're higher risk and never coming off, why are they home?" Swan asked.

Because of situations like these, the Town of Brookhaven used to have a law that dictated that only two sex offenders could live in one house. This law, however, was abolished after a state court of appeals decision in 2015.

The residence in Bellport is not the only house in Suffolk County that has various sex offenders living under one roof. There are at least three others that have been reported.

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