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Stelhi Beach lifeguards bring woman back to life after she nearly drowned

Group of lifeguards honored for Fourth of July heroism


BAYVILLE — Anna Zapantis is thanking the lifeguards who saved her life on July 4 when a swim at Stelhi Beach turned into a life-threatening situation.

On Wednesday, Zapantis cooked a special meal for the boys to show her appreciation for all they did. Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor Joseph Saladino gave them citations from the town for their hard work.

On that day, the 70-year-old woman was spotted lying motionless in the water by lifeguards after she went into distress. Lifeguard Adam Limperis-Kaufman jumped in to save Zapantis who was about 20-feet from shore. She had no pulse and was not breathing, but once Limperis-Kaufman got her on land, the group of guards on duty sprang into action, alerting authorities and starting CPR which allowed her to start breathing on her own again.

Zapantis says doctors told her if she'd been unconscious for another two minutes, she likely would not have survived.

“It was a complete team effort. So, we all did a great job and because of that we saved Anna," Limperis-Kaufman said.

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