Logan CrawfordMar 6, 2018, 11:50 pmMar 7, 2018, 10:54 am

Stony Brook University officials keep watchful eye over storm’s impact

The SBU Emergency Operations Center uses real-time information to coordinate maintenance


STONY BROOK — Emergency management officials at Stony Brook University are coordinating at their emergency operations center in preparation for Wednesday's storm. Assistant Chief of Police and Director of Emergency Management at Stony Brook University Lawrence Zacharse is in the university's emergency operations center, keeping an eye on the storm predicted to hit Long Island.

"Bulk of it is going to be during the morning commute, and it will be continuing during the day which makes it a challenge once people are already here for work and for school,” Zacharse said,

The "EOC" was built about four years ago after Superstorm Sandy, using screens showing emergency management officials what's happening on campus life as well as showing weather patterns.

"Leverage technology significantly before, during, and after any event, whether it's a severe winter storm, whether it's a power outage," Zacharse said.

Zacharese says its emergency management's job to watch out for the safety of students, commuters, and people at the hospital and veterans home. He says if the area gets significant snow, he'll use the EOC to coordinate with campus operations and maintenance to clear roads and sidewalks, “making real-time decisions based on the information that's there."

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