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Student woodworkers construct American flags for Long Island veterans

Long Beach teens use their skills to pay tribute to local heroes


LONG BEACH — Students at Long Beach High School are taking part in a patriotic tribute to veterans. Hand-cut American flags are the finished results of several weeks of hard work and they're all being shipped off to the Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

"We're actually doing something that means something; usually, it's just for nothing,” Long Beach High School Jack Monhehan said. “This year, it's for veterans."

Students in Eric Heck's woodworking class aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. They put their skills to the test, measuring and cutting pieces of scrap wood with saws, staining them in color, and then piecing it all together. The students used nail guns to assemble the 13 stripes on 10 wooden American flags.

"It's not super complicated, but it does take time though because we have to cut out all the pieces to the right lengths," student Paul Passaro said.

Heck says he has organized a volunteer project for the students every year since Hurricane Sandy when his class constructed chairs and raffled them off to raise money for storm damage.

Half of the flags will be sent to the Northport VA while the other five will go to smaller clinics throughout Long Island.

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