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Study reveals Long Island’s deadliest roads

Why these highways see dozens of fatal accidents every year


HEMPSTEAD — Statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety say the deadliest day on the road is Aug. 2 since nice weather makes drivers less careful at this time of year. The information comes as new numbers come out on Long Island's most dangerous roads.

One thousand-seventy-three fatal car accidents took place on Long Island from 2012 to 2016, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

“The cars are getting better as far as safety is concerned, the drivers are not,” said Robert Sinclair Jr., the manager of media relations at AAA Northeast.

While car safety has increased over the years, fatal accidents are still at a high. The National Security Council estimates in 2017 that vehicle fatalities topped 40,000 across the nation.

On Long Island, there are some roadways that are deemed more dangerous than others like on Route 27 which is considered the “deadliest road” with 86 crashes.

“It has various dangerous driving scenarios in one roadway,” Sinclair said.

Route 27 consists of Sunrise Highway and parts of Montauk Highway.

Second on the list of roads with the most fatal car accidents is the Southern State Parkway with 64 deaths. Ranking third is Route 25 with 51 deaths.

“The roads, especially the highways, pre-date modern transportation engineering,” Sinclair said. “The lanes are too narrow, too hilly, too curvy.”

Fourth and fifth on the roads with the most fatal car accidents are Route 25 with 36 deaths and the Long Island Expressway with 35 deaths.

“We've got more vehicles on the road. We have an additional 150,000 vehicles in Nassau and Suffolk over the past five years,” Sinclair said.

He says the growing number of fatal crashes could be related to the fact that there are more vehicles on Long Island roads. Many new drivers who are moving at high speeds while distracted, Sinclair adds.

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