Brittany ComakJun 20, 2018, 6:55 pm

Suffolk GOP, Bellone accuse each other of ‘playing politics’ over bundled bond

Republicans say they feel set up after they voted no on measure that included a school safety app


HAUPPAUGE — Legislators on both sides of the aisle trade jabs after Republicans did not approve a bond measure last night that included access to a school safety app. Republican members say they feel set up.

At their general meeting Tuesday night, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone said Republican legislators opposed a $2 million bond measure that included access to a new public safety app. The program that was part of the bond measure is called the Public Safety Rapid Response Project which includes the RAVE Panic Mobile App. The app immediately dials 911 in emergencies and alerts all others in the vicinity, like on a school campus, of what the emergency is so they can take necessary precautions.

"We will not have our constituents and the public held hostage to a group of individuals who are blatantly playing politics," Bellone said.
However, Republican legislators fired back immediately during their own press conference, saying it was the county executive who was “playing politics.”

"We voted on this at 11 o'clock last night. Ten minutes later, the press release was already made. This was set up and orchestrated,” Legislator Steven Flotteron said.

Republicans say the program was bundled along with a number of other measures and that the county executive and Democratic legislators knew they would vote no because of the other things included.

"I am never going to vote for 25 things that I don't want to get one thing that I think we need," Legislator Leslie Kennedy said.

Kennedy went on to say that they likely will approve the program on its own, but they still have to get in touch with the remaining school superintendents who are still on the fence.

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