Chelsea IrizarryMar 2, 2018, 1:58 pm

Suffolk Exec.: Crews are working to ensure residents are safe during Nor’easter

Steve Bellone says county is monitoring areas susceptible to flooding to launch resources when needed


HAUPPAUGE — In Suffolk, County Executive, Steve Bellone, says officials staying on top of the weather conditions, and are preparing for the worst as a Nor’easter brings Friday heavy rains, winds and flooding concerns.

“We work with our municipal partners, we have our emergency operation center open. We work with the governor and his team, who have said, whatever resources we need they’ll make available, so they’ll mobilize here. And we’re communicating with all of our local towns and villages. Any requests they have for equipment, we're helping to deliver that, make sure they have what they need” Bellone says. He is urging residents to take it slow on the roads, as they're slick, and driving visibility low.

Crews are hard at work doing their best to combat flooding. Bellone says the most vulnerable are those low lying areas, like in south of Mountak Highway, near the bay and waterways.

“We are monitoring those particular areas as we always do in storms like this. It’s the high tide cycles that we're concerned about. The rain is going to stop in the overnight hours, but we’re going to see continued potential flooding because of those high winds pushing the water into the coastlines,” Bellone adds.

Bellone says they will continue to stay on top of the weather conditions and work around the clock to keep residents safe.

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