Krista McNallyFeb 6, 2018, 12:46 am

Suffolk residents’ concerns over PFOS detection addressed during meeting

DEC to conduct investigation into contaminants that were detected in a well near MacArthur Airport


BOHEMIA — Concerned Suffolk County residents headed to a meeting Monday night to find out more about possible contamination of their water supply. The event was held after the Department of Environmental Conservation announced that Islip MacArthur Airport might be added to a list of state Superfund sites.

On Monday, the Connetquot Public Library was filled with Suffolk County residents wondering if the water they drink, bathe in, and use to cook, is safe to consume. Those concerns come after the Suffolk County Water Authority reported a detection of PFOS, a contaminant found in firefighting foam, in a well near MacArthur Airport.

The contaminant never made it into people's homes and was filtered out prior. But they need to find out where it came from.

"Right now they are doing an investigation, they are looking at other wells and other areas along the south shore to see what else they can find," said Adrian Esposito, executive director of Citizen Campaign for the Environment.

A DEC investigation into the source of PFOA at the airport will be completed within six months. There will also be enhanced monitoring of the impacted well.

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