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Missing teen from Nassau County found alive after being feared dead

Louis Germosen was found, kept safe by a young woman in NYC until his family claimed him


WEST HEMPSTEAD – A Nassau teenager Louis Germosen, 19, has been found alive, following an intense search and lots of media attention over the past few weeks. A family had agonized for weeks that the body of Germosen might be buried somewhere in Hempstead Lake State Park.

During the overnight hours Suzy Bayer, the step-mother of Germosen posted a picture of him on Facebook with a caption that reads, "God is great, that is all."

Bayer said in an earlier post that Germosen was found after a tip from a young lady in New York City who kept him safe until his family found him.

"After an awesome tip and hours driving around NYC, Louis is alive and OK. Thank you to everyone — for your help and prayers — and thank you to the young lady that spotted him and kept him with her until we found them,” Germosen said.

The grateful tone in Suzanne Bayer's Facebook posts comes less than two weeks after Bayer told reporters that after being missing for several days. She feared her step-son would be found dead.

"It's been 12 days today. And I hate to say we're looking for his body, but in my heart, I truly believe this is going to end very badly," Bayer said.

According to Nassau County police, the 19-year-old had been missing since June 28, having last been seen leaving his mother's home in New Cassel.

After Louis' cousin received an anonymous tip to search Hempstead Lake State Park, police searched the area for nearly a week with no signs of the teen.

Meantime, in another post from a family during the overnight hours, Louis' cousin Erica Mendez wrote, "I just wanted to say thank you!!!!!! For your prayers, your thoughts and spreading the word regarding my little cousin. God is good!"

Family members say after Louis was found in New York City and is now back home on Long Island.

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