Logan CrawfordMar 15, 2018, 7:32 pm

The next generation of journalists get the scoop on news-making

Elementary school in Levittown gives kids the tools to tell their own stories


LEVITTOWN — The Abbey Action News team is made up of anchors, writers, producers, photographers, and reporters who cover local events, accept all the positions are filled by elementary school students.

45 Abbey Lane Elementary School students come in before school on Thursdays to write the show, coming up with ideas for stories and segments. They then shoot the newscast the following Wednesday. After the show is written and shot, Principal George Maurer edits the newscast. The finished product airs every Friday for the whole school.

"It's really fun. I really like writing on Thursdays, filming on Wednesdays, and coming up with really cool stories," student Marisa Lapene said.

The program started four years ago and has expanded over time through PTA donations which bought some of the equipment.

The news team has lights, a green screen, cameras and a teleprompter that the kids use in a specially made studio in the school’s library.

5th-grade students with a passion for news joined the program by applying and writing an essay, taking on a variety of roles on and off camera to create segments that cover news, weather, sports, and cooking.

"When we start working with the children in September, they're shy, they're a little nervous; they're not as excited about writing. And then as the year goes on, they come to us with great stories they want to share." Abbey Lane Elementary School teacher Melissa Boos said.

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