Briella TomassettiMar 12, 2018, 5:56 pm

To be a ‘fly’ on the wall: This device detects vaping, bullying

Schools on Long Island use technology to monitor certain behaviors


MELVILLE — Around 10 to 15 schools across Nassau and Suffolk counties have implemented “Fly Sense,” a small device that helps detect vaping and also monitors sound to tackle bullying. Plainedge School District's Superintendent Dr. Edward Salina says that although school officials have not caught any students vaping or bullying with the technology, he believes that it acts as a deterrent.

Derek Peterson, the CEO of “Digital Fly,” says that the device picks up volatile organic compounds when monitoring air quality for vaping. In regards to bullying, Fly Sense measures sound at a decibel level. Once Fly Sense detects something, it immediately sends an alert via text message to school officials about the time and place where the incident happened.

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